Friday, April 4, 2008

EXE-crew & CircuitClub trackday [VIC & NSW] Sat 10th

second driver: free ($0) as long as you dont occupy extra session time
passenger: free ($0)
Spectators: free! ($0)

-long sleeve and long pants
-AASA licence or higher ($50 per year, can be purchased on the day)
-shoes, NO sandals!!
-for aftermarket bonnet, have to have secondary restraint
-optional: fire extinguisher
-car with good running conditions, no oil leaks, no loose parts including battery.
-decent thread left on tyres

Bank Detail:
Name: Silas B Andrianto
acc no: 555886757
BSB: 013400

sent me the payment with your name as the reference. also email to with SUBJECT: EXE TRACK DAY
along with:
-your full name
-your mobile number
-your DETAIL as follows: Car type, RWD/FWD/AWD, and your club/forum
-for regulars: your previous winton laptime, or any other laptime from other track.
-for first timer: your car power, tyres ur using, car modifications (this will help us put u in the right group)
-your racing licence type and numbers

i will then send the entry forms and regulation


*payment to be made full to reserved your spot. any cancelation will not be refunded; unless we can replace your spot, which in that case still incure $20 cancelation fee. no payment means i cant hold your spot if someone else wants it

60 spots MAX. devided into 5 group of 12 cars on each group

you will only be added to the list after you paid full (EXE-crew members excepted). this is to avoid any ppl backing out and making our life harder... Laughing

when the list is full u still can pay to be in the waiting list. if any ppl on the list late to pay, i will pull the out and put you in right away if you have paid.

this is a joint event, so there may be some changes in how its run. so price update.

list updated!

i still have to sync with Circuit Club list. so there is a posibillity that the list are already full now... in that case, everyone that pay after its full will be in waiting list.... from the past experience... there will be 2-5 ppl that will back out on the day, so if you want you can pay, and be in the waiting list, I WILL REFUND any full balance remaining if you didnt get the spot...

anyone who paid and email will have priority... Circuit club has informed me that they will have at least 15... so hurry if you are interested. pay and secure your place...

if u are not sure whether the list are full or not, just send your payment coz even if the list are full i can move you up if you have paid as some of the ppl in the list havent paid.

payment + email > payment + no email > email + no payment > no email + no payment


participating workshop: Chasers, on the run motorsports, RMS motorsports, PROMAX Auto

invitation to forums:

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