Saturday, July 18, 2009

Database Server Back Up

The forum's database server is back up.

Database Server Down

Our hosting company's database server that houses our forum database is currently inaccessible due to one of their switches going down. Stand-by for an update on when everything comes online again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

EXE/CC Winton Track Day - 23 May 09

23rd May - EXE & Circuit Club Track Day
Venue: Winton Raceway (3KM Long Track)
Price: $150 per driver (includes Official Timing)
Places: 60 spots maximum
Format: Sprint / Open practice format
Spectators: FREE!

Personal Requirements:
* Long sleeve and long pants of non-synthetic material.
* Enclosed footwear of some type.
* ADR-approved helmet, either full face or half face is OK.

Vehicle Requirements:
* Fire Extinguisher: Securely mounted via bracket, preferably bolted down within reach of driver. Must be CAMS approved, 1KG or above.
* Tow Hook Point: If detachable type, please install it as this will speed up recovery times on the day.
* Aftermarket bonnets (CF/Fibreglass/etc) will require a secondary restraint, such as a strap/chain/belt/pins). This is not required for factory bonnets with a double-latching mechanism.
* Vehicle in good running condition, this includes:
- Tyres in roadworthy condition with enough tread
- No oil or fluid leaks
- Brakes in good working condition
- No loose parts, including battery
- Vehicle interior and boot clear from loose objects (including spare wheel)

* This is a joint track day between EXE and Circuit Club, with EXE running the majority of the day.
* Everybody is welcomed, no matter how new or experienced you are at circuit driving.
* Any passengers are required to fill in and sign an indemnity form. Passengers are allowed at any time during the day.
* Please be on time! We will begin scrutineering at 8AM sharp, you are also required to visit the pit office for document checks/filling in indemnity form.
* There will be a driver's briefing prior to commencing track time at approximately 9AM. All drivers are required to attend the driver's briefing or will not be allowed on track.
* Please make sure your car is prepared, the quicker everybody is ready to go and have their car checked, the more track time we can have.
* Cars will be divided into groups based on estimated laptime, this is to ensure that there is minimum traffic for you, and as a result you get a clean and safe run. Please provide an estimated laptime in your entry form if you have an idea.
* Timing will be posted on after the event, and may be viewable during the day near the scrutineering bay.
* This is not a competitive event, we are all here to have an enjoyable day. Please drive safely and follow instructions, or you will be banned from further driving.

How to Enter:
1) Please download the entry form here -
2) Fill in the blanks and send to my e-mail address - senk9z [AT]
3) Once your form has been received, you will be notified on placement, and will be sent payment details by e-mail, this is to prevent people paying if they have not secured a place
4) Once payment is received, you will receive confirmation and supplementary regulations

If you have any questions, please feel free!