Monday, October 22, 2007

EXE trackday aftermath - 30th Sept 2007


30th September 2007
winton 3KM track

highlights from the day:
it was another great day at winton. this time we are blessed with lot of fast cars, fast drivers and fast newbies! early morning shower and tempramental weather doesnt stop enthusiasts from pushing their car... from the morning the track goes from semi wet, to dry, to hot, to dirty Razz with occasional drizzle...

in group A, we got crazyray who did amazing 1:58s in his first time ever @ winton in his honda JAZZ o_O, then we got massive improvement 2 crazy girls who previously did 2 minute plus on their previous trackday: wokstar 1:54(starlet GT), jally07 1:55(golf gti) both still on street tyres. the beginner group are topped by 2 EM1 civic VTiR coupe 1.6l drivers _ferio_ and DNYALL, who both did 1:50s in their first time ever...

in group B, on the early practice session we got 1:41s car in this group while everyone else still doing 2 minute plus. this is due to PhyscokillerX (eric) spot are replaced by his friend's, paul, without consulting with me. had to move him up to faster group. the spot light in this group is C2888 with his tiny NA starlet, after working nonstop on his car and finally start the engine just before we left melbourne, he did 1:52 without even trying, had to stop early due to wheel hub/bearing problem. this group is topped by celicajim who breaks his PB, doing 1:48 in his celica ZR...

in group C, plenty of unpredictable people which made alot of improvement since their previous trackday... kthl finally hit 1:45 with ultra smooth driving in his stock as rock 350z, mic with his AE86 + street tyres, beat his previous PB by doing 1:48... also another crazy female driver in R34 GTT, laura, doing 1:47.... while few first timer here doing great laptime: evilsub 1:48 (S15), Hayden (WRX) and Shalom (pulsarGTIR) both doing 1:45. this group is topped by max (rx8), and mark (R34 GTT) both doing 1:43

group D is interesting mix, we start with 2 mazda kiwi warriors, krnage 1:45 MPS3, and d-mag do a fraction faster in 1:45 in his MPS6... then crazy little jimjim 1:42 (evo9), and Gan 1:41 (evo8), with their near stock car and first time in their new ride (previous trackdays at winton with other cars). then the surprise attack from chasers' team, Brad with his S14, doing 1:39 where previously quoting 1:42 when i did the group division... he was drifting around the tracks on semis... and did 1:39 topping the group!!

group E, this time has plenty of sub 1:40 cars... topping the class is johnny and lucas in their grippy monster STi from OnTheRun motorsports clocking 1:37. followed by crazy kid from PROMAX adrian (EVO6) clocking 1:38 in his first time in evo (previously driving NA 1.6 MX5 clocking 1:43). Youki (FD RX7) and sherwyn (EVO6) CHASERS car did faster time this time, 1:39s (up from 1:41 previous trackday). the highlights of the group has to be Steven Basic, clocking 1:40 on RWD Corolla KE25 making just around 110kw atw (he even did 1:39 on previous trackday), with a mighty fast cornering speed!

the whole day way ran smoothly with only few minor breakdowns, and no accident. hope everyone had fun and see you on the next events!


results are up on the web already

thanks Dan for sending me the link... I think he already printed it out and framed his 1:52 time Laughing

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and this is the individual times:

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vids from the day:
Group A -
Group B -
Group C -
Group D -
Group E -

in car:
Mic -
flameboy -

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Photos by Noojin:
Photos by Jason: (56k connections beware)


As Mentioned, a track day at Winton Motor Raceway, electronic timing, heaps of FUN!!

Entry Fee: $120 which includes Timing device hire

Spectators Are more than welcome, and there is no cost to come and watch. Also you can go for a ride in the cars but you must sign on with a Passenger indemnity first.

Long sleeve and long pants of non flammable materials i.e. No Nylon
AASA license which can be bought on the day for $50 or CAMS L2S
Closed footwear
Helmet that complies to Australian Standards (has ASA or Snell Sticker)
Car needs to be in a good condition, no oil leaks, no loose items in the car and battery secure.
Good condition tyres

This will be limited to 60 cars, with 5 groups of 12 cars.
All people wishing to attend need to make payment to the specified bank account. When you send your email you will be sent an entry form as well as payment details. You will need to email the following details

Full Name
Mobile Phone Number
Car Make, Model, Capacity, and your previous best time at Winton (for grouping purposes)

I have run many events at Winton and been involved in the running of many more right up to the V8 Supercar level. We have now decided that we will utilize our expertise at event management to organize a fun filled day with no stress.

This is late notice for this event but it is only due to a cancellation that I have been able to get a day on the track, as it is booked solid until the end of the year.

As it is Melbourne Cup Day we will be stopping the events on the circuit to watch the race. And time permitting during the day we will try and organize a couple of “cup sweeps” to add to the fun.