Thursday, February 21, 2008

[VIC] EXE TRACKDAY round1: 10th mar'08. Labour Day monday

Entry Fee*:
EXE forum member joined before 22nd FEB 08:
After 2nd MAR 08 - $130

Non EXE forum member or any forum member joined after 22nd FEB 08:
After 2nd MAR 08 - $140

TIMING DEVICE: $15 price will be updated soon. winton timing devices were moved to wakefield and they are getting a new timing. they will let me know the price on monday and i will post it up soon

FREE... under one condition: "you must take as many photos as u can and submit to us... Laughing... if you want to sit in the car as a passenger... you must sign indemnity form on the day... do not disturb your driver and please do not stick any body parts out side the car... Razz

-long sleeve and long pants
-AASA licence or higher ($50 per year, can be purchased on the day)
-shoes, NO sandals!!
-for aftermarket bonnet, have to have secondary restraint
-optional: fire extinguisher
-car with good running conditions, no oil leaks, no loose parts including battery.
-decent thread left on tyres

Bank Detail:
Name: Silas B Andrianto
acc no: 555886757
BSB: 013400

sent me the payment with your name as the reference. also email to with SUBJECT: EXE TRACK DAY
along with:
-your full name
-your mobile number
-your DETAIL as follows: Car type, RWD/FWD/AWD, and your club/forum
-for regulars: your previous winton laptime, or any other laptime from other track.
-for first timer: your car power, tyres ur using, car modifications (this will help us put u in the right group)
-your racing licence type and numbers

i will then send the entry forms and regulation


*payment to be made full to reserved your spot. any cancelation will not be refunded; unless we can replace your spot, which in that case still incure $20 cancelation fee. no payment means i cant hold your spot if someone else wants it

50 spots MAX. devided into 5 group of 10 cars on each group

you will only be added to the list after you paid full (EXE-crew members excepted). this is to avoid any ppl backing out and making our life harder... Laughing


Thx for everyone that come to briefing nights. please bring $15 for timing devices on the day (compulsory).

group division is up


participating workshop: Chasers, on the run motorsports, RMS motorsports, PROMAX Auto

invitation to forums:

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