Wednesday, June 18, 2008


AWARDS NIGHT for June EXE TrackDay. Wednesday 25th June'08
TIME: 7.30pm-till finish
we will announce the award at 7.45 sharp! then we all can have some yummy dinner there Razz or for some other ppl can go home early if they need to... good chance to catch up and de brief after trackday too...


221 Berkeley St. Carlton 3053, Victoria.

everyone else are welcomed to come along, but so that the ppl that won the award be there i will announce the names...


  1. KRNAGE 1.46.82
  2. JALLY 1.49.94
  3. WOKSTAR 1.51.04
  4. AIRBOX23 1.40.51
  5. MUGSEE 1.42.47
  6. SILVER_SLUG 1.42.49
  7. MR.SHACK 1.44.77
  8. C2888 1.46.63
  9. BREN3085 1.47.36
  10. ADRIAN 1.35.37
  11. JIMJIM 1.38.00
  12. JOHNNY OTR 1.40.75
  13. DREW 1.43.59
  14. SHAUN 1.43.82
  15. LAURA 1.44.85
  16. FLAMEBOY 1.41.30
  17. TAXXED 1.43.07
  18. KTHL 1.43.60
  19. GRAHAM 1.41.04
  20. ANDREW KNIGHT 1.41.61
  21. JASON KO 1.47.10
  22. JACK (ELIACK) - 1.42.6100
  23. BENRYS (S15)

we also have an 'thank you' award for Adam Ronke. thx for the continuing support on our events. hope you can make it to the award night too otherwise i will send it away to winton LOL

as i said, this awards is nothing but for fun, its not official CAMS approved classifications or some sort, so please don't take it too seriously... if you can see, 25ppl out of 56 ppl from the day got the awards... this just to show that we focused more on encouraging everyone from different level, not just the fastest laptime of the day...

CLASS/CATEGORIES will be announce on that night... its a surprise Smile and please don't expect fancy trophies as all the trophies are hand made by exe crew...

hope you guys had fun and c u on the awards night...


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