Thursday, May 15, 2008

EXE TRACKDAY Round 2 - QUEEN's BDAY Mon, 9thJune2008 *OPEN*

ENTRY: $130 including TIMING DEVICES
entry fee after 1st of June 2008:$150
second driver: free ($0) as long as you dont occupy extra session time
passenger: free ($0)
Spectators: free! ($0)

-FIRE EXTINGUISHER. not loose in the car, but attached firmly to a bracket or some sort.
-TOW HOOK POINT! please make sure, if your car have a detachable tow hook (few new cars now has it) please make sure you installed the tow hook. just in case you spun out and stuck, this will sped up the recovery process and prevent us from attaching the tow hook on you bumper Razz
- ANY AFTERMARKET BONNET will have to have a secondary restrain or bonnet pin. (belt, chain, etc to catch the bonnet just in case the latch fail). this is not compulsory for car with factory bonnet
-long sleeve and long pants, shoes, NO sandals!! Helmet
-AASA licence or higher ($50 per year, can be purchased on the day)
-for aftermarket bonnet, have to have secondary restraint
-car with good running conditions, no oil leaks, no loose parts including battery. decent thread left on tyres.


when u pay, PUT YOUR NAME as the reference.
Bank Detail:
Name: Silas B Andrianto
acc no: 555886757
BSB: 013400

along with:
-Full name + Mobile number
-CAR DETAILs (Car type, RWD/FWD/AWD, and your club/forum)
-for regulars: previous winton laptime or from other track.
-for first timer: state power, tyres, modifications (any info will help us put u in the right group)
-Racing license type and numbers

if you have attend previous trackday, you must re send the email again coz i dont keep your personal details for privacy issues...
i will then send the entry forms and regulation


*payment to be made full to reserved your spot. any cancellation will not be refunded; unless we have enough number to cover the list and can replace your spot, which in that case still incure $20 cancelation fee. no payment means i cant hold your spot if someone else wants it.

*if you cannot make it, you can't just get random people to fill your spot. we have waiting list and most ppl in the waiting list has paid. so the ppl in the waiting list deserve a priority. if no one else in the waiting list, only then you can get one of your mate to replace you.

55 spots MAX. divided into 5 group of 11 cars on each group

WHEN THE LIST IS FULL you can steal a spot off someone by paying the entry first (if they havent done it)


  1. Please be on time. we will start secrutineering 8am sharp! we are trying to aim for 6 sessions per entrant: 1 practice + 4 group + 1 sprints
  2. we still run the day the same way, devide the cars into 5 groups of similar lap times / predictive lap times. run each car with 9-11 sec gap. 15min per sessions.
  3. around 2:30pm we will start sprint sessions. which mean you will be grouped into 4 cars with someone with similar lap time with you, and 25 sec gap. you got 3 hot laps and 1 cool down. only for this sprint session: NO WARM UP LAP!
  4. after the trackday, the RESULT, will be categorised and sorted. and the winner of each class will be announced around 1 WEEK later. we will then arrange an award nights to give out throphies and awards. NO AWARDS will be given on the day and no class will be announce on the day.

we will announce the official classes after the trackday, YES after. ONCE AGAIN, the way we run the group session is still the same old way, based on lap times (so you will still have GROUP A, B, C, D, E for sessions purpose) . Classes (eg: under 2ltr NA, noob, over 2ltr turbo, etc) are only for sorting the TIMING RESULTS and Trophies purposes. please don't expect fancy trophies. it will be DIY trophies ala exe-crew, but full of exe love... Razz there would be an award night for everyone to catch up and mingle around 1 week after the trackday.

all this time we only have track days like practice and combined results. mow with this classes, we hope we can give rewards for those silent achiever and appreciation to every level/categories or entrant. not just the fastest, the biggest power, etc. hope everyone feel appreciated and motivated to improved.

new stats:


Regulation documents sent. GROUP UPDATED! this is a final group.
some changes, please check your group again, at least 5 ppl have been shuffled around. 1 guy pulled out and 1 guy from waiting list is in. 2 ppl in the waiting list refunded.

those in Waiting list who has paid but didnt make it to the list:
thx for the prompt payment, but the spots you wanted already been paid and you just missed it. you have 2 options:
1. i will refund your money full, please email me your bank detail
2. keep waiting and i will refund your money closer to trackday. normally we always have 2-3 ppl back out closer to the date... this way you can always jump straight in the list. it makes sense since you have paid and i will refund your money either way...



Anonymous said...

when does the list get updated???

Silas said...

i will update it soon...

it has been updated in the exe forum few times (in fact daily)... if you havent got the access to the forum, please email and introduce you self in that email

this blog will get update less frequently than the list in the forum