Friday, July 13, 2007

[07-Oct-07] DECA Track & Motorkhana day

invitation from D-Mag!
-DECA fun day
-We're going to do an 'Average time' Track event and a Motorkahna.
-The beauty of this sort of event is that it's not the fastest car, but the smoothest driving that wins.
-The event will be held on Sunday the 7th of October and the cost will be about $110, and that includes full lunch, drinks and snacks.
-MAX around 35 cars. There'll be plenty of track time as the 2 events will be run at the same time.
-The day will be professionally captured by a photographer, with the images given freely to the participants (hopefully some of which will be printed on the day and given to the competitor).
We'll also be shooting Video on the day.

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